Updated: December 3, 2023

Pastor Search:

Pastor Glenn Shock announced his plan to transition First Baptist Church to a new head Pastor due to health reasons. His last day was November 19th (slideshow).

Guest Pastors for Sunday are currently:

  • December 10 - Rusty Foley, Eagle Summit Ranch
  • December 17 - Dave Roever, Eagle Summit Ranch creator
  • December 24 - Congregational singing
  • December 31 - Mark & Dallas Hensley, Blue Fire Ministries

Leslie Parkes update the Church body as to the ongoing effort. Over 20 applications have been received and the Committee is reviewing them and selecting a group for further detailed research.

The Church survey results were compiled and you can view it. Just click here!! Results are varied, but the key is a Pastor who is true to God's Word and the inerrancy of Scripture.

In accordance with the by-laws and Operations Manual, a special called Business Meeting was held August 27th to vote for Committee Members.

Your Pastor Search Committee:

Over the past several weeks, the Pastor Search Committee has developed a job description for a Senior Pastor, prepared a budget, and prepared a profile of the First Baptist Church of Westcliffe to give candidates.

Continue to be in prayer for your Pastor Search Committee.

Pastor Search Committee

  1. Continuing spiritual growth
  2. Spiritual discernment
  3. Knowing Bible truths and practicing them
  4. Faitful attendance and support of the Church
  5. Skills as a team player
  6. Willingness to maintain confidentiality
  7. Freedom to attend meetings and possibly travel occasionally
  8. Priority commitment to seeking and doing God's will
  9. Absence of a self-serving agenda